Building Your Schedule

Make no mistake, your transformation should challenge you. Some days are going to be easy, and other days you’ll need a little extra push to keep you moving along the path to your Intentions. The easiest way to make sure you’re staying the course is to build your schedule. Again, we always recommend writing down your schedule to use as a visual aid each day, to remind you and refocus you on what you want.


First, have a serious think about which classes you’d like to come to each week. If you’re a busy person, that might mean that for the next 30 days, your yoga and Pilates practice will be taking first priority, and that could mean choosing which other commitments to keep over the month. You may not have the energy to keep it all going at once!


Second, be prepared to attend at least 5 classes in the studio each week, and make time for 2 home yoga practices. You’ll be ticking these off in the studio to keep track, and remember, you need to have attended a minimum of 20 studio classes within the 30 days to go in the draw to win our beautiful home practice kit. Book your classes for each week using our Timetable, or the MindBody app on your phone – both of these will give keep you mindful of your Intentions that week.


Third, consider your day-to-day schedule and start planning how you’ll fit it in, and where you’ll squeeze in your 20 minute meditation. It could be on the train or bus to work – with headphones in and eyes closed, who can tell if you’re listening to metal or finding your zen?


Lastly, be sure to complete all of the above with your Intentions in mind. Your schedule is a guide for you to get to where you want to be, and it isn’t set in stone. Your 30 days are here to set you on a path that you can continue well beyond the studio. Be kind to yourself; if you miss a day in your journey, you can always make it up with two classes in a day. There’s nothing quite like a Deep Stretch after your Power Yoga 2 workout!


As always, Studio Akasa staff would love to help you in any way they can. We’ve all been through our own transformations before deciding to share what we love with other yogis, and our practice continues to evolve to meet our changing Intentions.


Preparation Day Two – Build Your Schedule
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