Setting Your Intentions


You’ve taken the first step on your transformative journey, but now what? Your path is your own, and you need to give yourself a destination. You shouldn’t think about this destination in the terms of failure or success, it’s only an end to your current effort to build the best version of yourself. Your transformation is defined by your travel, which will create the experience of successful milestones along the way. We can call these milestones your Intentions.

Spend some time thinking about what you’d like to achieve in these 30 days. You can set whatever Intentions you like, but they should be things that add to your life and wellbeing, instead of simple number-goals like ‘I want to lose x amount of weight’. Think about things that you’d like to have more of in your life. Perhaps you would like to:

  • Have more energy.
  • Feel more confident and positive.
  • Eat more intuitively and mindfully.
  • Make more time to care for myself.

You don’t have to write them down if you don’t want to, but our suggestion is to always have a visual aid that you focus on every day. Even just bullet points if you’re not much of a writer – give yourself something to refer back to. If you’d rather not write them down, set time each day to fix them in your mind.

We know that setting your Intentions can be a little daunting. Is it too far out of reach? Not challenging enough? Requires more than 30 days? The wonderful thing about Intentions is that we don’t want you to stop setting them after your transformation. At Studio Akasa, we want to help you build a practice with habits that you can continue to use in all areas of your life. Our experienced teachers would love to help you along the way, so please feel free to email or speak to us when you next visit.

Preparation Day One – Setting Your Intentions
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