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The 30 Day Transformation is only the start to your journey. We’ll aim to create lasting habits and a deep practice that you continue to build on wherever you are in the future.

Over the 30 days, we’ve designed 4x 90 minute MasterClasses, with you in mind. Each masterclass focuses on a particular area of yoga or meditation, giving you practical skills to take home and into your other classes.

Starting with restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation to have you really looking forward to your daily time out, the classes will progress to physical techniques of yoga, building a deeper understanding of how and why we do what we do.

Limited to only 15 students per class, the extra time ensures greater teacher involvement, and time for questions to be answered. At the end of each class, you will have all the tools you need to continually improve your yoga practice at home or in the studio.

These classes are open to all students at the studio, so book your classes ASAP. 30 Day Transformation students will receive a discount on all MasterClasses:

Sunday 22th April – Home Is Where Your Mat Is

It can feel like a big step – going from being taught in a studio to busting out your own moves at home. But sometimes you just want a bit of yoga and don’t have a class nearby!
Join Cat for a workshop-style class where we’ll talk about where you’re at, what you find most challenging about practicing at home, and how to work with it.
You’ll be given a few practice templates, as well as materials to take home. You’ll have a list of free yoga videos to access online, as well as a better idea of what to expect from yourself when you’re practicing alone. And you’ll leave with the confidence to take your mat wherever you go to make time and space for self-care, mentally and physically.

Sunday 29th April – Upside Down
Inversions are a fun way to spice up your yoga practice and improve your strength and balance, but did you know turning upside down also has a huge impact on your overall health too?
While inverting we stimulate the endocrine system, promote lymphatic drainage, improve the nervous and circulatory systems all while having a little bit of fun!
In this 90 minute session we will warm up with a gentle flow and work on some of the foundation postures that assist with strength and balance. Before you know it you will be flying upside down!

Sunday 6th May – Save Our Shoulders!
Explore the power in your shoulders and learn more about how to create stability and ease in your shoulders in weight bearing postures on your arms.
This 90 minute Vinyasa MasterClass will be centred on shoulder stability and mobility.
If you practice Vinyasa yoga, you will have done hundreds if not thousands of chaturangas already. Being unaware of the proper technique and alignment, this weight bearing pose can create wear and tear your shoulder joint and with time it could lead to shoulder injury steering you away from your practice.
With the use of props and hands on adjustments, this practice will encourage you to work mindfully towards creating a safer chaturanga to develop shoulder stability and arm strength. There will be options to progress into arm balances, headstand and forearm stand. We will balance our shoulder stability with mobility, finding freedom in the shoulder and heart space by learning how to ‘flip the grip’ in different asana.

Sunday 13th May – Moving Into Stillness

So many students think that to meditate, they must be able to quiet the mind. And with such a busy mind, you might think, why even bother trying?
Join Tes as she guides you to develop your own practice of Mindfulness Meditation. This Western approach brings all the well-researched benefits of meditation, while remaining straightforward enough to appeal to even the most sceptical student. There’s no fluff, it just works.
This is the final in our Masterclass series. If you’re doing the 30 Day Transformation, take this class as a way to wind down at the end of 30 days of committed effort, and to better integrate what you’ve learnt into ongoing habits in daily life.


Preparation Day Four – Book Your MasterClasses
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