Ric Stafford-Smith

Ric initially began his yoga journey six years ago on the recommendation of a friend. Before long he was practicing everyday.

What resonated was the fusion of physical movement balanced with the mental and emotional connection required to complete a practice. It was unlike any other form of physical activity he'd ever experienced & Ric now teaches yoga full time.

His classes embrace all body types, fitness levels and abilities and his intention is to empower and inspire all students. Expect to challenge yourself whilst remaining mindful and present, experiencing complete self awareness and self acceptance.

Ric says "Yoga isn’t just about movement, alignment or creating shapes with our bodies. It’s about developing new skills, about opening our heart, about being comfortable with feelings of discomfort, knowing it’s not permanent. It’s about being brave and finding peace, clarity and stillness. I think when you can carry all these things off your mat and apply these simple concepts into your daily life, it not only deepens your yoga practice but gives us a greater courage, empowerment, self acceptance and resilience."