Rhian Bosci

Fitness changed Rhian's life - from rarely feeling healthy and happy, she was transformed from the the first time she stepped into a class. "It brings me so much joy to challenge myself to be better. Some days fitness is a simple stretch and a walk with my dog, other days it's a HIIT class. I love to mix it up!"

"I've received so many benefits from Pilates in so many ways. My form in all other training and exercise is better, I've healed and rehabilitated muscle tears with Pilates, and I feel so much stronger and able to do so much more in my daily life. I wholeheartedly love what I do, and I am incredibly passionate about helping others believe in themselves, and achieve things they never believed possible."

Rhian's style of teaching is Pilates meets bursts of cardio. Every class is high energy, and will challenge you and your core, before leaving you ready to tackle anything!

It's not all go-go-go however; Rhian's downtime loves include the beach, great food and wine, and getting dressed up for a show. You can reach out and share inspiration with her on Instagram: @rhianelise.