Kat Chamberlain

“I first came to yoga about 8 years ago when my mum convinced me to come along one day. I soon realised the majority of individuals were far more flexible than me, despite being double my age! After a few years of not engaging consistently with my practice and focusing on my studies, I came back to the matt to alleviate symptoms of study related stress.
Despite originally being drawn to yoga for a different physical practice, I was fascinated by the calming side effects that consistent pranayama (breath work) and asana (physical postures) practice had on my awareness. As an eternally curious and self-reflective individual, I have always been interested in the mind-body connection and how this is affected by our ever-increasing pace of life, constant availability to others through electronic media and limited downtime. Its becoming hard to understand what being ‘in the present moment’ actually means – it’s hard!
This naturally lead to my teacher training through Pine Rivers yoga in 2016. For me, yoga is so much more than the poses – it utilises a holistic mind-body awareness that we can apply on and off the matt. Combined with my practice as a psychologist, I believe that the effects of yoga can be far-reaching in relation to both physical and mental health. I aim to teach classes which are both physically challenging to create a sense of mastery, but one which also allows individuals to realise that anyone can do yoga. Yoga is about helping us to tune into our body and our thoughts. It helps us to detach, to reduce our tendency to over-engage with our emotions and helps foster an understanding that the present moment is all we have.”