Jen Greenslade

"I first came onto my mat when I was 17, with my mum and a close friend. Over the years my yoga practice was like a best friend I didn't see very often. The intention was there to do more, knowing that when I did practice how much it lit up my soul. My practice was Ashtanga-based, and I loved the community feel my studio had.

When I moved to Brisbane, I knew I had to meet my old friend more often than I had been. I was introduced to Vinyasa Yoga at my local studio. The Vinyasa practice not only helped me transition through a real tough time in life, but also the physical benefits of healing back problems was the defining moment when I knew I wanted to share this beautiful practice. I undertook my teacher training in 2016 with Being Yoga and continue to learn about the magic of yoga.

My practice is about connecting the mind, the body and the breath. A moment to leave our egos at the door and surrender to what presents itself to us in that moment. A playful approach where you can work within your own yoga journey, whether being new to the practice or a seasoned yogi."