Cat Small

"Although I came to yoga for a new workout, what really got me hooked was the effect yoga had on my mind. Yoga went from just my latest fitness fad to a rare moment of sanity in an otherwise high-stress lifestyle. I’ve heard that you know your yoga is improving when your life improves, and this is really what I saw – that my yoga practice was improving life off the mat in the way I felt physically, the way I perceived and treated myself, and the way I responded to situations.

Teaching seemed to be a natural step to take, both to deepen my own understanding and experience of yoga, and to direct my energy towards sharing something that means a lot to me, something that for many people will help them to be the best versions of themselves.

The most powerful aspect of yoga, to me, is breath and meditation. As a method of movement yoga is great, but as a way to quiet and focus the mind, as a way to actually know yourself and find joy in being exactly who you are, as you are, it’s the training of the breath and the taming of the mind that is transformative.

I am drawn to stronger physical styles of yoga such as power and vinyasa yoga, both because a strong practice builds physical strength and mobility, but also because it allows no room for distraction, enabling a complete absorption in the present moment – a moving meditation. I also teach Yin yoga which provides balance to the stronger styles. I teach with a focus on clear instruction of alignment principles, sharing only what I believe provides actual benefit.”