Andrea Jaksch

“Hi I am Andrea Theresa Basquinas Jaksch. I started Pilates 4 years ago when I moved from Vienna (Austria) to Brisbane. Mainly, I was looking for a way to stay fit and healthy without having to go to a gym as I personally didn’t like going to the gym. I noticed Pilates was very trendy here in Australia so I gave it a try and I fell in love with it immediately.

What got me hooked?

I love how Pilates can give you quick results with regular practice. I also love the fact that we are working on the smaller muscles that help us tone and keep a lean and long physique. Plus, it is very gentle on joints and is really something for everyone.

Why I teach?

Be kind, be curious, be aware, be grateful, be real, be the difference, be you – these are my values. I teach because I want to make a difference and be a positive impact to the world. If I can share my knowledge and passion about yoga and Pilates to others and at the same time influence their lives in a good way, then that makes me happy.

What to expect from one of my classes:

My Pilates classes are the yang part of me and my yoga classes are the yin part of me. I love teaching Pilates as a workout and teaching Yin Yoga gives is there to balance and to take us to a deeper level. Each and every class, includes a little piece of me – my values, my favourite music or things I have learnt from my experiences around the world. My Pilates classes are just like me a fusion… a fusion of upbeat Cafe del mar tunes, traditional Pilates exercises, yoga inspired stretches and a relaxing savasana. Everyone is welcome to join my classes. I give very detailed cues how to get into each exercise and allow my students to modify and choose an option that suits them. You can expect challenge & fun and will leave classes feeling energised, refreshed, relaxed and maybe inspired. See you on the mat!”