Following the Australian government's directive that all gyms are to close from midday on the 23rd of March, Studio Akasa has decided to follow suit in the interests of social responsibility.

We are still running a full timetable of livestreamed classes via YouTube so that you can 'attend' from pretty much any device, including your lounge room TV. Please read on below for how you can visit our space from the comfort of your home 😊


Although we are still currently open and running a full timetable, we also recognise that many of our students are uncomfortable being out in public at the moment.

To combat this, we've launched a live streaming service of most of our timetabled classes, starting on the 22nd of March.

We've chosen YouTube as our streaming service for compatibility with TVs and AV equipment usually found in the loungeroom, where we expect most people will practice. This unfortunately means that the stream is 'one way', and no interaction from students to the class teacher is possible at this time.

If attending a class 'virtually' appeals to you, there are a few steps to take:

  1. Make sure your MindBody account with us has an email address attached. If you can login to our Members Area, you have an email address! If not, get in contact via to fix your account.
  2. Ensure that the class you want to visit virtually is marked as 'ONLINE' in our timetable.
  3. Book in for the class AT LEAST 20 minutes before it starts.
  4. You will be emailed a standard YouTube link around 15 minutes before the class starts. This link is unique between classes, so please always check your email.
  5. Standard class cancellation process still applies; if you are planning on attending class virtually, but then decide not to, please cancel your booking. If you do not cancel, you will still be charged for the class.
Studio Akasa - Your Space

Studio Akasa is permanently closed. Please get in contact if you wish to purchase any of our custom mats and blocks.