Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a strong yoga flow, focusing on alignment and instruction, designed to challenge and inspire both physically and mentally.

Our Power Yoga classes are taught with options for both newer and more experienced students.

Power Yoga will build your strength and stamina, so expect to sweat!


Gentle Flow

Learn the building blocks of yoga in a flow class set at a slower pace, with a focus on instruction.

If you have never done yoga before, and would like to start with a gentler class while still building some strength and mobility, this is the class for you.


Vinyasa Flow
Breathe, move, focus

Get moving with an energising yoga flow; Vinyasa Yoga matches breath with movement to leave you feeling calm, strong, and flexible.

All levels of experience welcome, options are given for beginners and more practiced students.

Expect to sweat!


Yin Yoga
Restore calm, release stress, and improve your flexibility

Yin Yoga classes are based on long, meditative yoga holds that release stress and tension from the body, penetrating deep into the connective tissues of the body. Passive poses are held for 3+ minutes, noticeably improving flexibility.


Restorative Yoga
Bringing body/mind back to its natural state of peace and contentment through “Active Relaxation”.

Restorative yoga focuses on surrender through combining 6 to 7 postures with breath awareness and use of props to to allow your body to surrender and sink into each long meditative yoga pose of 5-10 minutes. Classes are limited to 15 students.

Restorative Yoga is calming, therapeutic to the body and mind, and works on restoring a sense of wellbeing and renewal on all levels. Suitable for everyone and all levels, this class is a blissful experience for both mind and body.



Mat Pilates
Strengthen, isolate, repair

Our Pilates classes work on both strength and flexibility to improve posture, improve mobility, and build lean muscle.

Classes are limited to 10 students to allow for individual attention and optimal use of equipment.


Restorative Meditation
Clear your mind, lower stress, find calm and focus

Restorative Meditation is a great way to get into meditation if it's new to you, and a lovely space to meditate in a group setting for more experienced meditators. All welcome. Reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, and learn to tune in to each moment.

Move through three restorative yoga poses with guided meditation. Out on the green, if weather permits, otherwise held in the studio.

If you're doing a yoga class beforehand, join Meditation Essentials and even bring a friend, for free! If you're not a current student, the class is just $10.