30 Day Transformation | Day 10

Day 10 is winding down – we’re almost halfway through!

Having practiced yoga and especially meditation for 10 days, now is the time to reflect and observe what’s happening.

Get out a journal or notebook and record how you’ve been feeling physically and mentally. Note any things that are changing, and whether you were expecting or hoping for those changes, or whether they are unexpected. Include not only aspects of yourself, but if you’ve noticed changes in your relationships, your work, and the way you chill out, note those too. Then note any challenges. Note changes that you were hoping for that you haven’t seen yet. And then if you would like a hand, advice or just fresh ideas, email me. If you feel a bit stuck on something, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help you through it. Even if I don’t have the answer, sometimes just talking through a problem is the key to finding the solution.

After receiving great feedback from the first Masterclass of the 30 Day Transformation series, we’re really excited for this weekend. Since Georgie started at the studio she’s gained quite the following for her Wednesday night Power Yoga. When she started, Georgie told me that what she really loves is to teach people inversions – especially those people who don’t think they’re capable of it. So this Sunday, if you’re not all too confident with handstands, forearm balances, and headstands, come along! The class will be structured as an extended flow sequence, with time spent breaking down the elements of inversions and setting yourself up to flip upside down safely and with confidence.

30 Day Transformation | Day 10

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