A Boost of Energy

Backbends to warm up your winter

This master class will help reset your energy levels especially with the chillier and shorter days settling in.

We will wake up our legs, back body and shoulders to find space and ease in our backbends. You won't need your coffee before this class, backbends lightly squeeze our adrenal glands so it's a natural energiser.

In this master class we will explore the fundamental components of safe back bending with the opportunity to explore Ghanda bherundasana (chin stand), urdhva dhanurasana (full wheel) and eka pada raja kapotasana (king pigeon).

Of course you don’t need to know what these poses are (or be able to do them) to come to this class!

Bring an open heart and mind and let’s see where this takes us!

This is an open level class. If you do have any pre-existing injuries please advise the studio before attending the class.

Spaces are limited to 15 students, so book now!


PAST EVENT – 17 June 2018 | Backbends Masterclass with Michelle

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